Aa Match Preschool Alphabet App Reviews

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match game

My kids enjoy it, well worth the price. Would be nice if you could shrink the game screen

Would love to be able to have option for Zed pronunciation

Here in Canada, we mostly say Zed instead of Zee for the letter Z and Ahch instead of Haych for H. Would be great to have an option to switch the pronunciations of those letters and maybe others. Cheers and thanks.

Happy to learn.

This is best learning material for kids. I like it.

nearly British but....

Great tool for kids to study but for some reason theres a zee at the end of a very British sounding alphabet?!

this is a great game!

My son is 3 years old. He absolutely loves it!


my kid love alphabet song and of course this game to.

My Son Loves it!

My 2 1/2 yr old son loves this. Loves the singing and loves it when the balloon deflates.

Fabulous game!

My nearly 3 year old son LOVES this game! He really uses the audio cues to help him to match the uppercase and lowercase letters, but Im hopeful that he will need them less with time. I look forward to trying out other apps from this creator.

Excellent Game for Kids

My 3 year old daughter loves this game. She is getting good at recognizing the letters and her memory remembering the location of the alphabet is getting better too. Great App. Thanks for the creators of this app.

Does what it says

This is decent because it does what it says and it taught my 2 y.o. to use the trackpad. I would give it 5 stars if it was more than just a memory match.

Great app!

My 15 month old son LOVES this app! A colors and shapes version would be great as well!

Loved it!

My 4 year old son loved it. It is a colorful and simple app that does the job. He did not get bored of it and the ballon pop was funny to him. I love the repeating song after the game is done. He thought it was cool and then POP! He got to pop the ballon. Good job!

Well-designed for youngsters

The game plays full-screen so young hands dont accidentally exit the program. You can easily customize the number of matchines from 2 to 24 cards. The names of the letters are pronounced clearly, and the sung alphabet song at the end is a great reward. Developer request: Change the letter I (capital i or eye) and l (lowercase L or ell) to be better distinguished.

we need more apps like this

we need more apps by you, Ill pay for them, Love your development style

weirded out...

I know this is probably just a flook on my part, but I had a very hard time turning this off of my computer... it just froze up... whats the deal... cute game though....

Ok, but simple and can get annoying

Theres not really much to it. Good app and useful, but please, let us do more than one round of matching before the ABC Song Balloon comes up!

Great app

My daughter who is 3 loves it! she cant get enough of her ABCs

simple and effective

got this for my 4 year old and she asks to play it. Would love one that does sounds instead of letter names but this is a great start!

Awsome for 3 year olds!

My 3 year old loves this game. It occupies her whenever I need it to and with the only exit a comand prompt I dont have to worry about her accidentally leaving the application and rearranging other parts of the computer. Plus its educational! She loves the game! The only downside I can find is she asks to play when at my mother-inlaws and she only has a Dell. Wonderful Wonderful game for young kids!

A free memory game! Whats not to love?

This is a good little free memory game, my little kids seem to like it. This is so much better than the ABC cards, because my kids have lost all of the vowels. Now they can learn all of their ABCs while playing memory!

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